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Paddle court rental and Rates

CiDE · February 05, 2016 · Habitaciones · 0 comments

The rent of the courts can be done online, by phone or in person at the reception of the Club. Members can reserve courts with 10 days in advance. Nonmembers can book 2 days in advance.

You can use the wallet to pay the courts booked.

Overrides are allowed, provided they notify the Club reception with 24 hours in advance. If the reservation has been paid by card or cash, the reservation will be changed to another available date. Should have been paid by purse bonus, the amount will be refunded to the bond. If no notice is given the required notice, the reservation will be lost.

No change of day and time will be made if it is notified at least 6 hours in advance.

The occupation of the court reserved for a longer time will result in an extra charge as busy time. The reserve track is at least 1 hour; no fractions allowed.

Bad weather cancellation policy: the Club will dictate when such conditions exist. In case of cancellation, if the payment was made with purse bonus, the amount will be refunded in the same bonus. If payment was made by card or cash, the reservation will be changed to another day.


It is the easiest way to pay reserves tracks and shopping in the store.

Buy or recharge your purse and use it to book bonus tracks and not have to make payments at all times.

Purchases or reloads have a bonus based on the money you recharges.


If you need people to mount a party or want to know new teammates and rivals, your choice is ME said. The parties are organized according to the level of the players.

We will send you an e-mail when a match corresponding to your level opens. In the Customers section of the website you can view the matches are being organized and you want to sign.

Once the game with four players completed, we will send you a confirmation message. If you do not get to complete, it will also notify you in advance. The results of each match will go counting to determine whether raised or lowered level.


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