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Club Activities

CiDE · February 05, 2016 · Habitaciones · 0 comments

For players who want a personalized learning. individual correction of defects game for proper development of the player.
It lets work correcting shock while driving tactical situations. It is a good way to integrate and relate to new players in the environment of the paddle. They may be groups of 2, 3 or 4 players.
Players work tactics and strategy with a teacher, which they correct position for correct hits and will help them work strategy at each point.
Courses 9 month divided into quarters. Three levels: Initiation, Advanced and Competition. It allows students to consolidate all the blows. It works intensively with a frequency of 1 or 2 days per week.
6 to 10 years, the maximum number of students is 6.
After 12 years, the maximum is 4 students.
All groups are a maximum of 3 students.
The Director determines the level of groups, which will be 3 students.
This mode combines variety of sports: paddle tennis, mini-football, mini basketball, swimming … combined with the study and activities in the computer room.
Schedules and prices on request.
Management reserves the right to modify or cancel any of the weekly activities depending on the number of entries.



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